The association

A.S.O.P. Elafonisiou SYN.PE. is located in the area Elafonisi Kissamos (formerly Inachori) in the southwest of the Prefecture of Chania in Crete and is housed in its privately owned, modern and constantly upgraded facilities.


Early Vegetables & Vegetables of Elafonisi Greenhouse

The exquisite, superior and certified quality of the products of A.S.O.P. Elafonisiou SYN.PE. has resulted in the Cooperation of the Association with large Super-Market chains, international trade agents, exports to neighboring countries.

A.S.O.P. Elafonisiou SYN.PE. strictly follows the certification standards with direct and continuous supervision by the Association’s Agronomist in collaboration with the certification and control regulators.


A.S.O.P. Elafonisiou SYN.PE. was established on 13 the December 2005 as an Agricultural Association of Group Production of Early Vegetables and Greenhouses of Elafonissi. Since the establishment of A.S.O.P. Elafonisiou SYN.PE. to date, the main goal is the continuous progress with the main axis of development to maintain and improve the quality of the product that established it in the domestic and international market. The tomato of Elafonisi. The participation of the Association in development, investment and cooperation programs is continuous while at the same time it is in processes of promotion of the main product in European countries, increasing the exports.


The technical equipment is perfect and includes, among others: automatic fruit sorting machine by color, weight and size, automatic carton gluing machine, plastic cage washing machine, two independent refrigeration chambers, special food packaging machines, electric and mobile machines.