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The planting season is largely determined by the micro-climate in Elafonissi where the famous Elafonissi tomatoes have been cultivated for more than a decade. The producers of the cooperative have extensive experience in the production of vegetables resulting in the excellent quality of our products. Throughout the production of our products we make strictly limited use of agrochemicals and the disinfection of the soil as well as the pollination process are done with natural methods.
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A.S.O.P. Elafonisiou

A.S.O.P. Elafonisiou SYN.PE. is located in the area of ​​Elafonisi Kissamos (formerly Inachori) in the southwest of the Prefecture of Chania in Crete and is housed in its privately owned, modern and constantly upgraded facilities.

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Since the establishment of A.S.O.P. Elafonisiou SYN.PE. to this day the main goal is the continuous progress with the main axis of development the maintenance and the improvement of the quality of the product that established it in the domestic and international market. The tomato of Elafonisi.


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The exquisite, superior and certified quality of the products of A.S.O.P. Elafonisiou SYN.PE. has resulted in the Cooperation of the Association with large Super-Market chains, international trade agents, exports to neighboring countries. A.S.O.P. Elafonisiou SYN.PE. strictly follows the certification standards with direct and continuous supervision by the Association’s Agronomist in collaboration with the certification and control regulators.